Colours beckoning from afar: 90% Indians buy low-cost garments as colourfully displayed by this store

Sen is habituated with fashion in the western world that maintains an indoctrinated style, is well organized and sold in a very refined way in sophisticated shops. 

This fashion store in a wholesale market in India is totally the reverse. In this kind of market the shops make their façade very attractive with visible outside display across 3 or 4 floors of the colourful garments they are selling. You can see the luxury of colour and design inspite of the heavy clutter of the crowded market.

 This is the rhapsody that Sen keeps in his mind as India’s heritage of colour.


When India was partitioned 1947 to create Pakistan, a new country for Muslims, about 20 million people of Bengal and Punjab were displaced and brutally victimized. Sen’s wealthy, literate family had huge landed property in erstwhile East Bengal, the present Bangladesh, which was carved out to be East Pakistan for Muslims. So for being Hindus Sen’s family was overnight evicted from their home. Without taking any possessions, they fled for their lives amidst people warring over religion, and so became squatted refugees in West Bengal.