DÉSORDRE HARMONY: An interactive painting where the viewer can move its multiple canvases to find the original

Sen started to divide his time equally between India and France. In India he discovered the most heterogeneous society of the world where there is no given discipline in social, cultural and working life. In every sense of life he observed physical disorder. Everybody is compelled to find his or her own solution, somewhat like embracing the great living character of survival of the fittest.  Sen transported this disorder by turning it into a new style of painting called désordre harmony.


When India was partitioned 1947 to create Pakistan, a new country for Muslims, about 20 million people of Bengal and Punjab were displaced and brutally victimized. Sen’s wealthy, literate family had huge landed property in erstwhile East Bengal, the present Bangladesh, which was carved out to be East Pakistan for Muslims. So for being Hindus Sen’s family was overnight evicted from their home. Without taking any possessions, they fled for their lives amidst people warring over religion, and so became squatted refugees in West Bengal.